Adam Morton Delaney

Adam Morton Delaney

Kingston University

Shanghai is a vibrant, fascinating and challenging place to do creative things – somewhere I certainly hope to return to work in the future.


I am a multidisciplinary graphic design student based in London. My practice seeks to be inquisitive, forward facing and deeply rooted in ideas. One of my significant interests is in anthropology and the differences between different cultures. I am intrigued by the norms of different cultures and the effects that cultural factors have on societies.


Shanghai is an amazing place to do the TTI scheme. It is a dichotomy of Chinese culture and, increasingly, international culture. The cultural deviation between China and that of the UK created an exhilarating environment for me as a visitor. The muddled city sustains itself as a vibrant place which means it’s a special location to do creative things. Shanghai is a challenging and fascinating city which gave me an eclectic and rich TTI cultural experience. The highest levels of Chinese hospitality made us feel very welcome and offered us local insight which enhanced our experience. In addition, the staff at our internship navigated us through problems, while listening and responding to our thoughts. I recommend TTI to any student who wants to gain a brief insight into what working abroad might be like.