Dalwai Zei

Dalwai Zei

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

I’m very lucky to attend the TTI scheme and I also firmly recommend the project to other students who want to work abroad.


I’m a master student from Design Management Institute in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I focus on product design and interaction design which led to my interests in apps and websites. I’d like to make friends with different people who always have colourful stories and I am also really curious about experiencing fresh things if I get the chance to travel.


This is my first time to visit London and work in another county. London is a historical but modern city, very similar to Shanghai. Various architecture, museums, exhibitions, malls, convenient transportations, different people coming from other places etc. It has an open and inclusive atmosphere. Therefore, I feel excited to have a one-month internship there. I worked in BBH and people there always led me to some cool things, not only on the project I worked on but also some initial ideas. They shared their ideas, collections, finds, and opinions with me. In addition, we discussed many differences between Britain and China. In BBH, a lot of people design for their dream, not just for the job. So they can devote more creativity and inspirations to their work which is a good condition for a designer.


Evaluation of experience

Where was your internship?
I undertook an internship at BBH.

How did the internship impact on your design practice?
It gave me a chance to experience the differences in team cooperation, design methods, atmosphere, and many other things between BBH and Chinese companies.

What changes in your creative practice do you think the internship helped you with?
I learned to how to solve the problem from different perspectives and share cool ideas with others.

Are you considering working in the UK in the future

Have you spoken, formally or informally, to other students at SJTU about the UK design profession?
Of course. I told my friends and they admired me a lot. I introduced my experience in BBH and most of them showed great interest on the project.