Xie Min

Xie Min

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

TTI is really a great project for any student who wants to experience different work atmosphere and different culture abroad.


I’m a graduate student majoring in Design Theory in Shanghai Jiaotong University. I absolutely love my major and now I am focusing on Interaction Design, Product Design and User Interface Design. I already had some internships in China. However, pursuing challenges and improvements endlessly makes me want to experience different work atmosphere of different cultures.


I am very delighted to get the opportunity to have an internship in London. London, as one of the most attractive city of England, is a leading global city in design, arts, entertainment, fashion, finance, tourism, and transport. I really enjoyed staying there for one month, which gave me a chance to know more about the city. Various museums with great cultural relics fascinated me. Numerous passionate designers in London Design Festival inspired me. And many enthusiastic people in London impressed me. Unsurprisingly, I fell in love with this city.

In addition, I really appreciate the staff in Kingston University, who offered me so much help during my stay in London. And the managers and colleagues in Priestman Goode, where I had the internship in London, were so nice to me. They lent an ear, they shared a word of praise, and they always mentored me to improve my work. I really enjoyed working with them.


Evaluation of experience

Where was your internship?
I undertook internship at Priestman Goode as a product designer. My bachelor major is Industrial Design. I was involved in two projects. One was about scooter design for the elderly and the other was about room design for people in Hong Kong. My work was primarily on finding online information, analyzing competitive products and making some preliminary designs.

How did the internship impact on your design practice?
I had a chance to experience the design mode in foreign company, which differs from the design mode in Chinese companies. I learned to communicate a lot with team members and pay attention to fast design.

What changes in your creative practice do you think the internship helped you with?
I learned to express my design idea more efficiently and better by fast design and frequent communication in Priestman Goode.

Are you considering working in the UK in the future
If there is an opportunity, I would like to work in the UK in the future.

Have you spoken, formally or informally, to other students at SJTU about the UK design profession?
Yes. I gave a presentation to younger brothers and sisters who study in design school about the internships and design exhibitions in UK. They showed great interest on the project.