Kingston University

Year Three

In 2018, the third year of the programme, eight students from Kingston University and six students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University take up a total of fourteen internships in June and September respectively.

The eight students from Kingston are Megan Barclay, Paulina Czajor, Paulius Daunys, Harriet Davey, Leanne Kim, Alexander Lloyd-Jones, Noah E Silver and Arte Spyropoulou.

The six students who visited London are Tang Chen (Alice), Shi Chenhui, Yang Cheng Hung (Ared), Xi Quing (Eileen), Liu Rongjia and Ren Siyu.

Profiles of each of the students can be viewed on their personal pages on this website, and their ongoing reports of experience of the design worlds in each of the cities will be posted as their internships unfold. Links to their Blog, Twitter pages for London and Shanghai, and their Instagram picture gallery, will record their activities in more detail. Follow LinkedIn for more professionally-oriented communications.