Alexander Lloyd-Jones portrait

Alexander Lloyd-Jones

Kingston University

I am thrilled by the opportunity to travel and work in a new country.


The design community in China is rapidly emerging onto the global stage. It is evident in the many design festivals that have recently been held there, like the Xiamen Design Conference or the Design Shanghai Exhibition. Because of this, I believe my internship in Shanghai will to be an extraordinary and incomparable experience.

Furthermore, I am very intrigued by the prospect of working in China as one of the most advanced countries in the world for manufacturing. This characteristic is particularly fascinating to me, given that my enthusiasm for product design is predicated on technology.

Another thing that I’m really excited about is the opportunity to immerse myself with a group of designers that may have a completely different view of the world. I have always been fascinated by how people approach design and their principles for producing great work. And so, while in Shanghai, I hope to learn from their approaches and in turn apply them to my own design principles.

Lastly, I am thrilled by the opportunity to travel and work in a new country. Travelling around the world is incredibly valuable because it matures and redefines the way we see things. Therefore, I hope that going to Shanghai will give me cultural awareness, which will benefit my practise as a designer but also give me a greater depth of life experience.


What I’ve Learned about China

Living in Shanghai has given me a completely new perspective on traveling. I realised that to fully experience another culture one has to engage with the people who live there, rather than surface layer tourist behaviours like looking at architecture. One of the things that stood out to me was learning about China’s family philosophy. It became clear this philosophy is synonymous with their culture. For example, at meal times they share everything on the table.

My Internship in Shanghai

Through my internship at China Bridge, I have been exposed to a new area of design. Although I study product design, working at a service design company has been incredibly useful for learning about different approaches to design. As a result, my understanding of design is has increased significantly. Another benefit of my internship was that it gave me a clear sense of the skills that are required by industry. When I go back to London I plan on improving these skills during the rest of summer. This will help me to be better for my final year and beyond that.

Favourite moment

There were many highlights of Shanghai but one of the most exciting moments was visiting the Montaplast manufacturing plant. One of the reasons I applied for the Talking Through Internships program was because of China’s connection to manufacturing and technology. And so, having the opportunity to meet and talk to the engineers at an actual factory and see the production line was incredible.

Final thoughts

I feel so fortunate to have been a part of the Talking Through Internships program. Particularly because it allowed me to meet such amazing people from China. From the beginning, I was introduced to Cheng the head of China Bridge’s London office at Catherine’s dinner. On our first day in Shanghai, we met the amazing students from Jaoi Tung university who gave us a warm welcome to Shanghai. I have really enjoyed getting to know them all and I am excited to welcome them to London. Lastly, meeting Judy and Arky who worked with me on the Yu Garden’s project was such a pleasure. Talking to them about their aspirations as young designers was inspiring to hear and I have a strong belief that they will be very successful. I hope all of these new relationships will continue to grow and potential lead to future endeavours. !

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