Giulia Grigolon

Giulia Grigolon

Kingston University

Fashion has no cultural and geographical borders as it works on an international level.


I am a Fashion Design student at Kingston University. My current studies are mainly focused on menswear knitwear and kidswear knitwear but I have already studied haute couture womenswear for three years in Italy.

As an EU student who lives and studies in London I perfectly understand the issues of living in a different country, the struggle of facing new realities. Traveling and working abroad is a very big challenge but I think it benefits my work and my experience.

Furthermore, I think that fashion has no cultural and geographical borders as it works on an international level. Living and studying in a creative and multicultural city such as Shanghai is a great opportunity to challenge myself and explore such a fascinating culture. I think this opportunity will help me to develop my design and pursue my goal of being successful in this field.


I am really pleased to say that my TTI experience was extremely positive and I believe it was fundamental for my career development. Having the chance to work in a different environment and interact with such a different culture opened my mind to different possibilities and paths for my future career. I was interning as Event Assistant at ShangTex and this experience enhanced my organisational and communication skills. Furthermore, it gave me the chance to create new contacts with different Chinese designers and companies which I would be really glad to work with in the future. For the reason above, I would suggest to introduce some design workshops in the Fashion students’ program as it will give students the opportunity to further develop their design skills and exchange more design-related information. On a wider scale, this experience made me think about how a tighter collaboration with the Chinese art scene might lead to an enrichment in our business. I believe this collaboration will result in astonishing products as a result of two different perspectives and in terms of business would be able to reach such a wider market.

My experience was extremely valuable also thanks to the other Kingston University’s students. It was really interesting having six different opinions regarding what was happening around us but also confronting the different working experiences. It was also interesting having an insight in different realities with different management priorities and timings which at my career stage is fundamental to see and acquire to improve flexibility. Furthermore, their support over the trip was fundamental to overcome the culture differences faced.

The entire experience was amazing and I am extremely glad I had the chance to take part in TTI. I have collected such good memories and life experiences and I also discovered an amazing culture, talented designers and a very interesting art scene. I would definitely suggest to other students to apply for this opportunity as I think it will definitely benefit their work. In certain extents, it was a tough experience, something it is not possible to experience traveling and living in Western countries. This internship challenges yourself and in the end enhance to achieve a better understanding of your identity. I believe my work has incredibly improved over the past few months thanks to this experience and I am sure that the skills I gained will be fundamental for my future career.

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