Jeff Xu

Jeff Xu

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

This is a great opportunity to learn how to design for consumers from different regions and backgrounds.


I am now in the second year of a Master of Engineering degree at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. My main studies are about design strategies. The institute I work in focuses on providing consumer research conclusions and design proposals for companies and helps them achieve better products and services suitable for future markets.

There are both profound historical culture and the latest global design trends in the city of London, so I regard the interning in London as a great opportunity to learn how to design for consumers from different regions and backgrounds and improve my cognition of design to a international level. I hope the experience in London will enable me to bring more innovation to Chinese design. 


TTI was an important experience in my career. I not only accepted the challenges of living in a strange city, also worked with a team from a totally different cultural background. Throughout the internship, I re-examined myself to find out the advantages and limitations I owned, as a young Chinese designer. What impressed me most was that designers in London are very objective and straightforward during their work, and usually less limited by organizational relationships and personal emotion, which is unlike Chinese who often pay attention to “a middle course” and avoiding risks. 

The company where I did internships was Tangerine. My main task there was about a desktop research which aims to find out Chinese consumers’ characteristics and the key points affecting their experience during their flight in 2030. My companion and I discussed with our mentors every day to find out the opportunities for design. 

During my time after work, I visited several museums in London. The Design Museum, V&A Museum and the Tate Modern have all impressed me. Fortunately, I also caught up with the London Design Week during my last few days in London. The citizen’s high involvement in design events made me surprised.

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