Victoria Lyons

Victoria Lyons

Kingston University

Spending a month in Shanghai will heavily influence my future design.


I am currently studying womenswear knitwear in Fashion Design. What I have most enjoyed through my university experience is meeting new, interesting and skilled young designers through working in the studio and being able to collaborate with others through discussions of our work and projects. Having someone else to feed ideas and thoughts through is a very interesting and sometimes a challenging thing, yet the outcome always transforms the original idea into something much more. The opportunity to do this internship in Shanghai is unbelievably exciting. I have always been eager to put myself in new surroundings, moving from rural Northern Ireland to Leeds for my Foundation Course, then moving to Kingston to study Fashion. Being surrounded by a completely contrasting culture such as China will be a life changing experience. I enjoy challenging myself and trying exciting new adventures within my work, to see how far I can push my design. Spending a month in Shanghai will heavily influence my future design research and inspiration, something I look forward to referring to in my final graduate collection.


It’s hard to summarise the experience I had in China, it was a whirlwind of a month where I had the best of times, thrown into completely unknown situations and exposed to a culture unknown to me, but I walked away with an incredible life changing the experience. It was a brilliant month and opportunity, where communication skills were tested, leaving me with a much more confident approach to working abroad in my future, and in my future Erasmus year in Berlin. It was great to see the inner workings of a company such as Shangtex, visiting their art districts such as the M50, the Shanghai Textile Museum and the Leather City of Haining, and seeing the opportunities that are there in the design world. Visiting textile factories, growing an understanding and knowledge of where our products are manufactured and produced. Helping with the PR for The Traditional Chinese Dress Competition, understanding how important our knowledge on communicating with the UK and European universities was for our team, and being able to use our skills to do so. Giulia and I taking part in the competition ourselves was a great eye-opening opportunity, where we were able to use our everyday experiences for inspiration contrasted to our own personal research. I am excited to use the research I collected in my next projects. We had so many visits we would never have had the opportunity to experience without TTI, which we left feeling very lucky and fortunate to be apart of such a great programme.

My time in Shanghai was an incredibly exciting learning experience and opportunity, I feel like I have so much more to learn about the future of fashion in China, and see a future returning to the industry in China. The Talking Through Internships programme was an invaluable adventure and experience, where we as a group bonded, leaning on each other for support throughout our time there and being able to share such great memories.

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