Xuna Ma

Xuna Ma

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

I’m facing a new adventure to be surrounded by a completely different culture in London.


I earned an undergraduate degree of Industrial Design in Zhejiang University, and now I’m a graduate student of Industrial Design at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. My current study is mainly focused on an intellectual product for patients.

Through the many years of studying and practice, I have got excellent grades in school and won various awards of competitions. However, that’s not the thing makes me feel excited. It’s the process of inspiring creativity and accomplishing ideas that bring the sense of achievement, although sometimes it may be challenging. I love working with interesting people because there would always be unexpected things among the cooperation.

Now I’m facing a new adventure to be surrounded by a completely different culture in London. I’m worried about my shortcoming in English language, but I’m more excited to have a new chance to challenge myself. I’m looking forward to experiencing different culture in London and working with English people. It will definitely have a great influence on me, not only my design study, but also my whole life.


It's such a meaningful and amazing journey of the Talking Through Internships in London. London is such a charming city, which is a capital city full of art and history, an important political centre, and meanwhile a huge financial marketplace. There are so many interesting architectures, arts, fashion, museums, tourism spots, shows, etc. I almost took full use of every second of the month to explore London. And I found a lot of differences between Shanghai and London, although they are both big international cities which are famous around the world.

As for the internship in Seymour Powell, I really learned a lot during the four weeks. And I feel so grateful to all the guys in the office. The working atmosphere is free and people in Seymour Powell are nice and full of patience. It's really interesting to do brainstorming with colleagues from different nation and culture. What's more, I've become much more confident of speaking English in public, especially after the presentation in front of several managers in Seymour Powell.

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