Yo Ga

Yo Ga

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The chance to visit Britain and take an internship for one month is so valuable.


I am a graduate student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. My current studies are mainly focused on Interaction Design and I have studied Industrial Design during my undergraduate period.

What I have most enjoyed through my life is traveling around the world and meeting new friends. I have been to more than twenty countries, but only stayed in each one for a few days as a tourist. So, the chance to visit Britain and take an internship for one month is so valuable to me. London is known as an international city, which always walks in front of the trend and is much more active than Shanghai. I am looking forward to feeling the local culture and meeting new, friendly and skilled young designers through this project.


I can’t believe how time flies. The day that we arrived in London was just like yesterday. We are going to leave BBH on this Thursday, before that, we have given a presentation on a Wednesday evening. Six Students, three Chinese students and three British students, have presented in BBH last night. Everyone shared how they felt about the two cities. I have to admit that the British students have given a nicer speech, not only because their English is much better, but also they have really done a great job during their internship in Shanghai. In the meeting, I introduced what I have done in BBH London during the past four weeks. I have worked on 3 websites. Turning the BBH playbook into a website, re-designing the BBH-Labs and building a personal portfolio website for Charlie Gatsky. To achieve my jobs, I have used two online tools – Squarespace and WordPress. They are website design platforms which focus on only one thing and make it really elegant and simple. There are also similar platforms in China that can help to build websites, but the difference is that developers usually try to put more related functions into one platform. For example, Faisco, a famous online platform in China, not only can be used to build a website but also to make games, posters and edit articles sharing on Wechat.

I also shared two main feelings about BBH. One is efficient and the other is open. We have read the playbook many times in past three weeks. There are many ways to improve working efficiency in it. Such as keeping the team in a small size and reducing the time of the meeting. Secondly, the working environment here is open. Employees have a high degree of freedom but BBH has high expectations from people. They can work at any place they like and they even bring their dogs to work, which is not allowed in the companies that I have worked in China.

At the end of my presentation, I appealed to my listeners to think about working in Shanghai. I think a project like TTI is really meaningful for the communication between Shanghai and London. I hope I have made a good presentation because this is my first time to give a speech in front of so many foreigners in English. Although I was so nervous that I forgot what to say in the half of my speech, I still won high praise from the listeners, which made me very relieved.

Thanks to the TTI project for giving me such a chance to make a speech in London. This will be a wonderful memory for me for the rest of my life.

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