Zhong Ke

Zhong Ke

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


My name is Ke Zhong, I major in Industrial Design, and I am interested in design, Chinese history, photography and the things about innovation and entrepreneurship. 


It’s so amazing that I have had an internship in London. I am very grateful to get the opportunity to London. London, as one of the most attractive cities in England, is a leading global city in design, arts, entertainment, fashion, finance, tourism, and transport. I really enjoyed living and working and studying here. There are kinds of museums and galleries for us to enjoy. Many small commodities in London's creative markets, like Convent Garden, also attracted me very much. I was deeply impressed by the attitudes of the local people in London towards life and work, especially the scene they rode to work on their own, I think it's a very healthy and happy way to go to work. I am looking forward to getting another chance to London again!

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